Thursday, April 19, 2012

Get Smart

Sometimes, I cave into society's pressures with technology. First, the iPod, then texting, then Twitter. Now I'm thinking about getting a smartphone in the near future. (I won't buy one until I get something called a steady paycheck, affording me a liveable wage -- which is something I definitely see happening in the near future.)

But whenever I get this (Android or iPhone, I'm not sure which at this point), I will do my best to avoid the trappings that come with one. As in, claiming my "life" is in this small portable device. My mind is inside my body, and my life is at its best when I'm around good people.

A smartphone would have come in handy during my recent Chicago trip, but thanks to a tourist's map and helpful friends giving me directions, I came out of the place in one piece. The trip could have been easier if I wasn't so stubborn, to be honest.

Hesitation towards technology is nothing new for me. Especially with smartphones, I find people eschewing human interaction for the sake of reliance on information found on the Internet. I certainly don't want to give up talking to people, asking questions, and receiving feedback. Besides, the Internet doesn't hold the secrets to enjoying life, but it can point to them.

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