Monday, April 16, 2012

Just One Person

Aside from some major transportation woes, my trip to Chicago was exactly what I needed. That's right, MIA late-night taxis and morning storms closing DFW airport didn't spoil the trip.

Though I didn't take any pictures on this trip (I took plenty of scenic ones on my previous trips), I think this one that Amy Mueller took of Eric and me sums a lot up. As in, lots of meaningful conversations with good people. Didn't matter if the conversation was in a loud bar, comic book convention, or a living room -- the conversations were more than talking about the weather and public transportation.

Being around good people in a place 1,200 miles away from Dallas felt great. Certainly adds to the number of people I enjoy being around in Texas. So, a return trip to Chicago this year may very well happen.

What I took away from this trip was how to take the next step in life. I want to be in better communication with my friends, whether or not they live here in Dallas or thousands of miles away. If people want to know what I'm up to and I want to know what they're up to, then I should converse more. No matter what.

Also, I need to focus more on the people who are in my life more than the people who aren't. I don't want to erase those who used to be in my life, but there are those I should keep at a distance. There are reasons why people part ways, and it can be pretty amazing if paths should cross again in a friendly way. And that could very well be a good thing.

Alas, life changes have made me want to take different directions. Not necessary radical ones, but directions that embrace adulthood instead of denying it.

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