Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I Keep a Diary

Song in my head:
"I Keep a Diary" by Braid

We had a photo shoot last night at Lance's house. This was the first time I'd ever done one and it went very well. Maybe I'll post some of my favorites up on my Myspace page. Interestingly, I kept laughing at random quotes from this movie but I held a straight face long enough for the 70+ pics we took.

This is some sad news. For those who didn't know, Hill was from Haddonfield, New Jersey (the basis for the setting of Halloween and town name) and had a hand in writing the Laurie Strode character as a very strong person.

This box set from fellow Exploding Plastic boarder Ian is pretty darn sweet. 10 CDs of music, all from 1981. Ian says he's not printing any more copies, so I'm glad I ordered a copy just in the nick of time. Shall be a good companion to Left of the Dial.

Torr has some good news for us Idewild fans: Warnings/Promises will see a US release in August. The record is really growing on me . . . Just for fun, play Hope is Important and then Warnings/Promises and they sound nothing alike. Sometimes I wish more bands were like this . . .

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