Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Me and the Major

Songs in me heads:
"Me and the Major" by Belle & Sebastian
"Fox in the Snow" by Belle & Sebastian

NME has some info about Frank Black's next solo record. Very interesting list of session musicians . . .

Neil Diamond to work with Rick Rubin. Read all about here.

Defamer pointed out this article in Variety about the narrowing window of movies' theatrical release to DVD. Then the Los Angeles Times has an article on Blockbuster's latest hang-up with late fees. Regardless, other than seeing this and this in the theater, I'm kicking it at home with this service.

Large Hearted Boy posted a link for the new video for the Decemberists. After hearing a song in CD Addict and after seeing this video, I think I need to get Picaresque . . .

Finally, here's a nice little quote from the Onion: "It says in the Bible that the morning-after pill is wrong. I believe the passage is Pharmaceuticals 3:16."

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