Tuesday, March 22, 2005

We spies/We slow hands

Songs in my head:
"Hungry Eyes" by Eric Carmen
"Slow Hands" by Interpol
"Next Exit" by Interpol

Torr posted some very cool Belle & Sebastian news yesterday. I know, all of these songs are previously released but I prefer two CDs filled with music rather than seven EPs.

Add the La's to the list of bands reuniting, says NME. has the tracklisting and cover art for the forthcoming At the Drive-In anthology. I didn't know they covered Pink Floyd and the Smiths . . .

MTV has some info about the upcoming Dashboard Confessional record.

Was this show so foreign to people that it had to be Americanized for a wide US audience? As someone who loved (and still loves) the British version, I'm in the dark as to why an American version is necessary. Think I'm blowing smoke? This franchise is very British yet that hasn't stopped it from having a wide appeal. I'm unnecessarily comparing peaches and bananas here, but my hard-headed nature encourages such . . .

Check out the press release for my book over on Mission's site.

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Nathan said...

Man, I was going to give The Office, U.S., the benefit of the doubt until I saw the preview trailers tonight on the tele-vision. It looks pretty painful. As far as I can tell from the brief few seconds, it looks like it will probably alienate The Office, U.K., fans; and the American public won't think it's funny. Steve Carell, however, is greatness, so let's hope for the best. The NBC site says Merchant and Gervais worked on the script, too...