Friday, March 04, 2005

Manuscript replica . . .

Song in my head:
"Rolodex Propaganda" by At the Drive-In

We recorded two new songs last night at a recording studio in Irving. The studio time was free because the studio engineer was a recording student and recording us was for a project. We recorded two songs live in about an hour and they turned out very well. I couldn't believe that the recording didn't take too long and sounded so good. The engineers were really nice and very appreciative that our songs had only one acoustic guitar, one electric guitar, one voice and a bongo (they recorded death metal bands all this week).

Book-wise, I keep meaning to go through the Jawbox chapter with a fine tooth comb, but I keep getting side-tracked by stuff. Despite getting side-tracked, I did some tweaking on the At the Drive-In chapter. Maybe I can get more stuff done during the day today while I do laundry.

Look at track 15 on this compilation. I think this is a textbook example of why people don't like it when a song gets a lot of airplay/exposure to a wide audience.

Seeing a band named this makes me wonder: is a band named the Critics not too far away?

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