Monday, February 20, 2006

Anatomy of a dream

From time to time, I have incredibly strange dreams. Before I get into my description of a dream that I had this morning, I will say this: I had some medication beforehand, so maybe that was a big part of it. However, it was a very vivid and strange dream and I'm trying to understand what I dreamt. Surpisingly, I remembered quite a bit of it, so here's what I remember:

I start out in some bar in some town that I've never been to. Moving towards a table, there's the one and only Kyle and I learn that face to face is playing at this bar later on. Cut to us up front watching face to face as a four-piece with Chad Yaro on second guitar. Between songs, something happens and the band runs off stage and does not return.

I slowly get out of the bar and think I see some familiar faces out in the parking lot. Turns out these faces aren't very familiar with the exception of an old friend from college. She gave me an update on what she's doing (especially how she's moving into a new place with someone). Somehow I get into a truck/SUV hybrid and drive around.

Suddenly it's morning and I park in front of what I believe is Aimee Mann's house. I get out, walk around and see a person coming out the front door. I say hello and think it's the one and only Ms. Mann. Well, it isn't: it's a woman who looks like her, but has red hair.

After conversing with the woman, I look back at the truck/SUV. I see that it was broken into by cutting a back window around its edges. I didn't see anything of value taken, but I notice that the roof is collapsible. The roof is currently down, so with the assistance of the red-haired woman, we put the roof back up and then I wake up.

OK, what? Dreams rarely make sense, but I'm trying to understand where certain aspects come from.

First off: Kyle and the face to face show. Kyle is a big fan of the late-great '90s pop-punk band, as am I. During their glory days, they were a four-piece with Chad Yaro on guitar, but he quit the band sometime after '00's Reactionary. They finished their career as a trio, so seeing Yaro playing again with them was a sight for sore eyes. Plus, I thought about the live version of "Disconnected" from the band's recent career retrospective, Shoot the Moon, sometime last night.

Second of all: my friend from college was someone I saw a few months ago. She was doing well, but working all the time to make ends meet. She said she was happy where she was living, so it piqued my curiosity that she was moving.

Third: the truck/SUV. I have not ridden in either a truck or an SUV in a long time. I had a roommate in college that had one and have a couple of aunts and uncles that own SUVs, but that's it. How I, a compact car driver, got behind the wheel of one, I don't know.

Four: Aimee Mann and her supposed house. I'm a big fan of Mann's solo material, but I've never obsessed about it or her as a person. How I even thought that it was her house was beyond me.

Five: Realizing that the woman was not Aimee Mann and realizing that the truck was broken into. The red hair is important to point out: I recently watched a Charlie Brown Valentine's Day special and the main story is about how Charlie wanted to dance with the elusive red-haired girl, but ultimately didn't. This all sounds more like something that could have been in a world like the one in Mulholland Dr. Strange, my dreams have been as of late indeed.

All in all, there are themes of punk rock, old friends, the suburbs, a vehicle I would never drive that was mysteriously broken into and a case of mistaken identity. Some of these themes have been on my mind recently, but how the other things got into it really makes me wonder. I wonder if any of my friends know any dream analyzers.

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