Monday, February 13, 2006


Today I celebrate 27 years of age along with the following . . .

Henry Rollins (45)
Peter Hook (50)
Peter Gabriel (56)
Jerry Springer (62)
Peter Tork (64)


josh Mueller said...

You forget Prince Michael Jackson I, Randy Moss, Robbie Williams, star of 3 O'Clock Richard Tyson and Oliver Reed whom played the father in the film version of Tommy. Happy Birthday dude.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Easy E!

Juliet baked you some b-day cupcakes, but then ate them all. Oh well, hopefully your birthday will be a grand event any way.



PAgirly said...

happy birthday, grubbers!

Kevin said...

Happy birthday, Eric!

Kev said...

A belated happy one, man! I've been getting ready for a trip to San Antonio and haven't been blog-reading like I should; this will go in my calendar for next year though.

Eric said...

Happy birthday. You now join me at the ripe old age of 27. Tis a good age!!!

Sarah E. said...

Sorry I'm awfully late about this, but happy birthday!