Last night we played The Cavern once again. Unlike last time, I didn't have a 3:30 am wake-up call, so I got to stay and watch the other bands play. Blackheart Society was pretty together and played a trippy new song (with an improvised jam). The headliners, Eagle*Seagull, were an absolute delight. Here are some attempts to explain what I saw and why you might like these guys.

First, the set-up: two guitars, bass, violin, keyboards and drums. Overall vibe: somber, but very big, tuneful and catchy. After a few songs, I couldn't help but think of this comparison: The Arcade Fire intersecting The Good Life with a certain amount of caffeine. While I'm not about to slap a "If you love The Arcade Fire and The Good Life, then you'll love these guys" sticker on their CD, I don't think these comparisons are that far off. It's not like calling The Dismemberment Plan "Beastie Boys meets Radiohead."

An issue I have with a number of underground/unsigned/indie bands is that for every great band, there are about twenty other mediocre bands. A lot of times the comparisons to other well-known/established bands raises the expectation levels incredibly high. In the case of Eagle*Seagull, I really like what I've heard so far and I'm curious as to what they'll do next. I won't make any grand declarations about them; I'll just sit back and enjoy their self-titled record on Paper Garden Records.

Listen to tracks via their official site and their MySpace page. Let me know what you think of these guys.


Anonymous said…
Glad you could play & that you enjoyed E*S. It was a good lineup!