Monday, July 02, 2007

A shortage of shorts

Something the Big Slavinsky pointed out a few weeks ago that I hadn't really noticed before: no matter how hot it gets, a lot of male hipsters still wear pants when they're out at bars. I don't know if this is intentional, but I'm trying to understand why.

I've always wanted to dress comfortably, be it in shorts or pants. With the summer months, I often wear shorts because it's hot outside. It doesn't really cool down after sunset, so there's no relief when a show starts at 10. No matter how strong the A/C is inside, pack a bar with people and it's not going to be much better.

This might be stretching things, but is there some correlation between shorts and the kinds of dudes that wear flip-flops, listen to Dave Matthews Band, drive over-sized Chevy trucks, drink Coors Light and hold business degrees? In other words, the types that aren't considered hip, but often go out for a good time. Are hipsters intentionally steering clear of any confusion?

Maybe this is just some aversion towards shorts in general. They show your birdlegs if you have them. They show your pale, untanned legs if them as well. So it's understandable to cover them up. But it seems like people don't want to dress comfortable. I still remember standing in line for a Braid show in Houston a few summer ago. A rather portly guy in front of me wore slacks with a white shirt and a thick, sleeveless sweater. The dude was sweating up a storm and I just stood there puzzled.

So, out with it. What do you think holds people back from wearing shorts at bars?


Treblephone said...

Pants hide more fat. :)

Random Kath said...

Mr. Random will wear shorts anywhere, anytime. It could be December, and if it's still above 40 degrees, he'll throw on shorts and sneakers. So my closest male example is of no help here . . .

However, my other guy friend never wears shots. it could be 100 out and humid and he'll still wear jeans. Why, oh why? . . . doesn't want to show his legs. Thinks the world doesn't need to see that. Also refuses to wear sandals, even though he seems like sandals would be perfect for him - but doesn't want grit between his toes.

Ian said...

The reason no male hipster wear shorts is because the only shorts you see at the stores are wide legged cargo shorts, and yes jam banders do wear cargo shorts and flip flops and are probably comfortable, but you end up looking like a douche in the end. Male hipsters tend to wear slim fitting pants, and there are just not alot of slim fitting shorts, shorts are usually about twenty inches around who wants a skirt? Not me.