Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Knock-Down Drag-Out

While having a meaningful chat with Ryan at our favorite bar a few weeks ago, a track from Weezer's apparently-universally-abhorred Make Believe came on the sound system. The track was "The Damage in Your Heart" and I found it surprisingly charming. I had never heard the song before as friends of mine advised me to avoid the album and I didn't have much interest in the album anyway. Now, I understand the band may never cook up something as potent as The Blue Album or Pinkerton, but I got to thinking.

Since bassist Matt Sharp departed from the band and they regrouped from a long hibernation, Weezer has released three albums: The Green Album, Maladroit and Make Believe. All three records have sold well, but longtime fans feel they don't hold a candle to the band's seminal material. If I remember correctly, my friend Matt felt Green was a decent pop rock record, Maladroit was embarrassing and Believe went back and damaged a few great songs in their back catalog. Since The Green Album is the only post-Matt Sharp album I've spent a lot of time listening to, I let that opinion be an excuse.

Taking recent listens to songs on all three albums, I decided to pool a dozen tracks for a possible single mix-CD. In hopes I could create a solid ten or eleven-song CD, I am considering the following:

from The Green Album:
"Don't Let Go"
"Island in the Sun"
"Knock-Down Drag-Out"
"O Girlfriend"

from Maladroit:
"Keep Fishin'"
"Death and Destruction"
"Dope Nose"
"Burndt Jamb"
"Space Rock"

from Make Believe:
"The Damage in Your Heart"
"Perfect Situation"

I have ideas about track order and may consider dropping "Space Rock," but I'd like to hear suggestions from you the reader. Again, this is just a chance of enjoy ten or eleven gems back-to-back on one disc rather than put up bland and cheesy non-gems over three discs.

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Matthew said...

I still stand by my comments; however, I applaud your efforts. I would get rid of "Space Rock" and add "Love Explosion." That's just my two cents. Other than that, your tracklist is pretty solid.