This is not a charade. We need total concentration.

Anybody else have trouble reading and/or editing while listening to a podcast? As much as I'd like to listen to the latest Sound Opinions or SModcast episode while I edit a blog post or another Post chapter, I can't. I can listen to music in another room while I read or edit, but when it comes to listening to people talking, I'd rather be doing something lighter, like cruising through MySpace or playing on the drumpad.

I figure it's a concentration matter. I tend to slightly tune certain sentences out from the podcast and then think, "What are they talking about?" So, I rewind and realize I've missed something.

I find this all odd since I can play a drumset and listen to others, but I'm not coordinated enough to do this.


Random Kath said…
I definitely have that problem - especially for a lot of the content heavy podcasts that I subscribe.

Maybe it has to do with having to listen intently to each work to follow, whereas with music you don't need to do the same thing? If your brain working on editing or reading, missing a few notes isn't going to effect your understanding of a piece of music as much as missing parts of a spoken thought. Just my $.02 . . .
Ted said…
I can't multitask like that either. Podcasting is best for long walks or drives.