Over and over

From time to time, I tend to look over at my DVD shelf and stare. There are plenty of movies up there, but what takes up some precious shelf space are TV shows split up by season. Seinfeld and Dinner for Five take up a quarter of a shelf while LOST and Chappelle's Show take up about one-fifth. As I've watched the entire Twin Peaks series, I've wondered about how often I've actually re-watched entire seasons on DVD. The answer is none.

Keep in mind, I love all the shows I own on DVD, but I have to work up a strong desire to rewatch entire seasons start to finish. Since I like to watch an entire season in one blast (ie, one or two episodes a day), that tends to put other things awaiting to be watched on the backburner. Plus, watching an entire season is mainly for catching-up purposes for me. In the case of LOST, since I got into the show a couple of episodes into the second season, I had a lot of catching up to do. But have I rewatched the entire series so far to anticipate season four? Nope.

The chances are greater I'll rewatch a rerun on TV rather than rewatch an episode on DVD. (This is very much the case with Seinfeld.) Again, this isn't due to a fact that I dislike a show; rather, it's because there's a lot of other stuff I want to watch that I've never seen before. Is this a rather fickle attitude or am I going about this in an all-or-nothing kind of claptrap?