Better Days Will Haunt You

I think I can add this to the interesting trivia file drawer in my head. Like remembering that Nada Surf's Matthew Caws wrote for Guitar World back before "Popular" broke and Dillinger Escape Plan's Gil Sharone was a guest star on Full House, now comes more interesting info on the one and and only Chavez.

I had known for quite some time that guitarist Clay Tarver co-wrote the script for the Paul Walker/Steve Zahn film Joy Ride, but I didn't know much about the band, other than how Ride the Fader is awesome. Perusing through some of the comments in Noel's Popless feature, I came across one talking about bassist Scott Marshall. Turns out, he directed Blonde Ambition, the recent Jessica Simpson/Luke Wilson movie that played in a few theaters in Texas. He has a rather extensive list of credits in film and TV as an actor and director and is the nephew of Penny Marshall.

Whether or not his film work is really the hold-up on the band fully reuniting, I don't know, but this is rather interesting to know.


Gonz said…
i would kill to see Chavez