The names are all changed

Last week saw the announcement of another name change for the venue I've forever thought of as the Dallas equivalent of the Woodlands Pavilion. No longer called the Smirnoff Music Centre, it's now the Center. Yes, the ".com" is included, like the Bowl game.

Like fellow former Houston resident Kev (who blogged about this last week), I think of this place as a place I've rarely been to. As a matter of fact, the only time I've been there was when Merge 93.3 hosted a free comedy show. I've never been to an Edgefest or OZZfest and have no plans to see a concert there in the near future. So why bother mentioning this? Well, to be frank, Center doesn't sound like a music venue to me; it sounds more like a shopping center.

Besides, coupled with all the years I called the Texas Rangers' stadium the Ballpark in Arlington and then had to call it Ameriquest Field in Arlington and now it's something else, I'm not so sure this place will be called the Center for very long. How about the Old Starplex, much like how older Dallas residents refer to the section of I-30 west of downtown as the Old Turnpike? And though I haven't driven by it in a long time, I swear there's still a sign off of the 30 service road saying, "Starplex."

Now I'm wondering about what the new Cowboys stadium in Arlington will be called. It might have a name already, but it might be subject to change.


Kev said…
I have no idea what the new Cowboys stadium will eventually be called (I suppose it depends on what high-dollar sponsor Jerry Jones gets to give him another bazillion dollars for the honors), but everyone in local media seems to refer to it as "JerryWorld" at the moment. I wonder if it will stick...

I also remember when the Murchison Performing Arts Center at UNT was first opened. Heading south on North Texas Blvd. towards the structure, it looks pretty much like a giant armadillo, so a lot of locals were referring to it as the "Dillo Dome" (you had to be very careful how you enunciated that, needless to say). But the nickname disappeared soon afterwards, no doubt out of respect for the late former regent "Lupe" Murchison, for whom it was named. (And, to complete the circle, Lupe was a relative of the late original Cowboys owner, Clint Murchison.)
Rj said…
Well I am planning on going to for Radiohead on 05-18, which was just announced.