Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A murderer of love

The headscratching about parenthood continues. In this case, why do fathers seem so scared of their daughters -- gasp! -- being attracted to boys? More specifically, fathers with young daughters growing up and being attracted to boys. Is there some sort of territoriality going on between fathers and teenage boys? What's the real fear?

As I've stated before, I'm not a parent, but I am an uncle with young nieces. I understand that one day, they won't be babies anymore. I also fully understand there will be a point when they hit puberty. I can understand parents want their kids to be as young and innocent as possible, but kids can't stay in a perpetual shell of youthful purity forever.

I see this scene frequently in commercials and movies (most recently, Dan in Real Life and Bad Boys 2): a teenager (from the ultra-niceguy to poseur bad-boy) waits at the door while a nervous father stands side-by-side with his daughter as they open the door. The scene usually ends with the door getting slammed in the guy's face.

The thing that puzzles me is that, chances are, the father slamming the door was probably that teenager at one point. Is this some form of mental hazing? Character building? Prepping for giving the daughter away at a wedding?

So I ask the fathers with young daughters who read this blog (I know there are at least four): what's your take? What am I missing here?


Eric said...

I believe that it must have something to do with the actual genetics and procreation instincts behind it. Yes, some of it is hazing but for the purpose mentioned above. Let's face it, guys have an almost unlimited supply of "seed" whereas women/girls have a limited supply of their goods.

Aside from the actual physical reasons behind it, I'm not sure. i know that even though Hailey is only 2-1/2 I'm already protective as hell over her and will be more than willing to meet any potential suitors (25+ years from now) at the front door with a shotgun.

swirly girl said...

I asked my dad about this once. I think he told me it was because he remembered what he was like when he was younger--and he was considered a 'nice' guy.

But these days he tells me that he worried for the guy, not so much me anymore.