Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You be the cat! I be the mouse!

An update on the unwanted guests in our building. After a full week of having a mousetrap set up behind the oven, the mouse didn't take to the peanut butter. I heard it roaming around as I watched An American Werewolf in London late in the evening over the weekend, but I didn't see it. I've decided to move the mousetrap from behind the oven to above it. I didn't like having our oven pushed out of the wall, so it's back in its place. Of course, the smell of burnt mouse poo is back.

I've considered getting poison for the mouse, but for fear that the mouse would die within our walls, the stink would probably remain for weeks. Recalling a time when a rat died above my room while I was going to community college and living with my parents, I didn't want a repeat performance of a month of pure stankery. Now I just hope the mouse leaves on its own volition.

As far as the baby birds in the chimney, I thought they had flown away. I had not heard them in a week until last Sunday night. I still considered setting a fire in the fireplace or sticking a broom up the chimney, but never got around to it. What I did get around to was yelling at them when their chirping got out of control. Recalling a certain angry tone of "Hey!" that an old friend's father who had severe anger issues used, it seemed to work on the birds. For a little while though.

This afternoon, I heard more chirping, and it was pretty loud. I realized one bird was at the base of the fireplace and I tried to pick it up. It attempted to fly out of my hand, but it ending up falling in front of the old bass drum positioned in front of the fireplace. I got out a broom and dustpan, gently put the bird in the pan, and took it outside. I hope it flapped its wings and flew away.

So, disaster averted for now. And I hope this is more proof that I'm not completely heartless and cold to animals.

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