If the timing is right, I should be receiving my copy of Spaced: The Complete Series a few days after I turn in all of the book corrections. That's right, the show is finally coming out in Region 1 next week. Even though I have a region-free player, I was hesitant to fork over all this cash for a show I'd never seen before. With some nice and exclusive additions to the supplemental features just for the Region 1 version, I'm glad I waited. But then again, right when the DVD set was announced for us North Americans, I went ahead and pre-ordered before I watched an entire episode.

Thanks to the world of YouTube, I've watched a few episodes and strongly believe this set is well worth the purchase. The show is filled with incredibly smart, fun, and funny stuff. It proves that Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg didn't just create Shaun of the Dead out of thin air.

I must say, a week ago, life just seemed really slow. I thought the slowness would continue for a month and a half until I received my new proofs. That was not meant to be. Now things have picked up again, but they will slow down again next week. I'm glad I have some sort of task at hand coming up. I won't just be watching the episodes; I'll be listening to the commentaries, watching the documentary about the show, and so on. Once all that is through I'll probably be getting ready to be part publicist, businessman, and recipient of guff and praise for what Post is and isn't. I don't what else to prepare for on the horizon.


Ted said…
I've heard some really great things about Spaced. I jumped over the the You Tube link and watched a few minutes of the first episode -- which was pretty good.

Best of luck on your book!