Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finally realizing that Firefox was not an SNES game

I'm definitely in ancient times with a cell phone, and I should also add I'm in ancient times with my computer. My Dell desktop is about four years old, and I'm still running Outlook Express 2003 for e-mail. I'm not about to jump ship and become a Mac user or a Vista user, but I finally decided yesterday to download the Firefox browser.

The reasons simply boil down to the never-ending crashes I received when closing a page on Internet Explorer. This had been going on for two months straight, and error messages were sent every time. So I just decided to give in and download something else.

So far, so good as the browser works fine and there are no error messages. But I can't but think about people I know that are really into being on top of new technology, and how much I am not.

I was puzzled when I saw people drop $500 for an iPhone the day it came out. I'm still puzzled when I see people on a 3G phone surfing the Internet all the time when they've already been surfing the Internet on a laptop or desktop all day. I just don't have the drive to be on top of technology. If something works and works for years, then why should I jump ship to the newest of the new?

Of course, this is further proof that the apple didn't fall far from my parents' tree. Up until recently, they were active CompuServe members, on a high speed Internet connection mind you, but CompuServe members for e-mail and Internet access.

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