(The Next Two) Book(s) Update

Time for a little update on the books I've been working on this year: When We Were the Kids and the untitled European horror flick book. Basically, with no concrete deadlines comes a somewhat lazy work ethic. This is the opposite of my ethic with the Observer, but I think as a writer, it's good to have both.

When I can find the time this week (or weekend), I'm getting back into watching and reviewing some movies I've seen and have not seen. As much as I loved The Descent, I'm curious how nerve-frying it will be on a second viewing. Plus, I hope to see The Last House in the Woods, a film that Noel gave high regards to, for the first time. I love how watching movies that you want to see can count as research.

As far as When We Were the Kids, I'm throwing more ideas around and just jotting down basic ideas. That was the plan back in January, and that's the plan I'm sticking with for the rest of the year. I have plenty to go off of based on all my experiences playing in bands, but what has helped bring back a tremendous amount of memories about the context of the day is Greg Prato's book, Grunge is Dead. Essentially, Prato's book fills in the gaps around the book LOSER and the excellent documentary Hype! Plenty of important people who saw grunge develop and explode were interviewed, and it's quite a compelling read.

So with no deadlines comes no word about release dates, but these books are still very much in the works.