Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A summer place for us

Once again, I have a desire to see a movie that is so reviled by critics, but I just want to see it. No matter what, if I hate the movie, love the movie, or find the movie so-so, I just want to see it so I can say what I think of it in my own words. Though The Spirit is high on my Netflix queue, A Summer Place is higher.

Yes, A Summer Place, a film whose soundtrack is more renowned than the movie itself. The Percy Faith Orchestra's theme music frequently shows up in the film, and to be frank, it's a theme that I have no problem hearing again and again (see also the orchestral version of "The Last Time" used in the Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony").

I'm also aware of the "will they or won't they do it" prevailing theme throughout the movie. The "it" is, of course, intercourse outside of marriage. Yes, the dirty deed that has ruined people's lives, whether it be unwanted children or STDs. Yes, the deed that is horrible, terrible, despicable, and animalistic, except with the person you love. And yes, the more exaggeration, the sillier everything sounds.

Call this all camp, but frankly, I just want to understand why a film's soundtrack is better remembered than the film itself. I can barely remember what exactly happens in Last Action Hero, but I can tell you how kick-ass its soundtrack is. And if I have to drive to see it, no simple article or snide comment can make me think otherwise. I'm always up for seeing movies anyway, and part of the enjoyment of Netflix is to see movies I've never seen before and never saw available on DVD when I shopped at Blockbuster.

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