Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The TV entertained itself

Now just a few weeks after the historic transfer from analog to digital TV, I have tried to check out my local channels on my home's TV only twice. Sadly, the ABC affiliate does not come in, and the other channels are hit and miss with reception. But when I come home everyday, I don't think about turning the TV on. Yet when I visit my parents or certain relatives, the TV is a must.

Part of my main gig involves having five television sets on the entire time. I'm on the Internet all the time as well, but only the Internet is something I want to be on when I get home. There's no desire to turn on the tube and watch when there are books to be read, magazines to be read, books to be written, and DVDs to be watched. And, of course, music to be heard.

For whatever reasons they are, I don't mind watching episodes of Arrested Development or Dinner For Five over and over again while I eat dinner. With the first four seasons of SNL and the entire Battlestar Galactica series coming my way in the next few weeks on DVD, in addition to watching Cheers on Netflix, I have plenty to watch for the rest of the year.

But when I visit family or friends, I don't have all those DVDs crowding up my view. The same with books. I like to visit with my family and friends, but after so many hours of that, there's a desire to do something else, like watch TV. Or in the case of having two-year-old nieces, they need something to watch to occupy them.

As much as I enjoy being around friends and family, there is a desire to head on back home and come back to the everyday habitat. I guess that's proof that I've successfully found my own home and a homelife that's enjoyable. That only took how many years?

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