Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dear John (TV edition)

And now, a Dear John letter for two TV shows I have decided to part company with.

Dear the talented and hard-working folks behind the V reboot and Flashforward,

After a number of months of dedication and patience, I feel strongly that we should separate. It's nothing personal. I just think we should spend time in separate spaces of life.

The number of reasons for this separation are numerous. Here are just a few.

When I watch you try to forge something into a cohesive story with characters I want to root for, you get all caught up in trying to make plot twists and jumbled backstories. I'm no fool, but where's the human draw? Or are we thinking too much about a possible future, with or without aliens?

One-too-many actors and actresses have been pushed to chew scenery and furrow their brows in hopes of taking this material seriously. As if this legitimizes the doubters, it sadly does not.

When I watch shows like LOST and Fringe, I get a sense of human interaction and bonds, no matter how crazy something like a time-traveling island or an alternate universe sounds. These shows want to carry viewers until the end of a multi-season series, not a single-season series.

I wish you two shows the best of luck, and I will still check up on how things turn out. But for now, when it comes to Tuesdays at 9 and Thursdays at 7, the DVR will not be on.



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