The story behind the name

Now that the band has a name, I figured the story behind the name should be told.

As someone who has been guilty of asking a band where they got their name from quite a few times, I accept being at the receiving end of this question.

After many weeks of discussion, the three of us could not agree on a single name. I suggested some out-there names, as did Kyle, but Mike came up with the name. The Pull Tabs was at the end of one of many lists of possible band names. This list happened to be on Mike's cell phone and we all looked at the list at the end of practice a few weeks ago.

In deciding on the Pull Tabs' name, I remembered the story of how Hot Water Music decided on their name: none of the members hated the name, so they went with it. The same happened with us. The three us didn't hate it, so we went with it.

I'm no beer connoisseur, but I do know a little about pull tabs on old cans of beer. That's what a pull tab is. Since our band has a bit of a vintage sound (circa mid-70s rock, ala Thin Lizzy), we liked the vintage nature of the name.

So that's the story. Or lack thereof.


That Guy Kyle said…
Actually, I came up with the band name. Mike kept the ones that were the least hated by us. I like it now.