Monday, April 12, 2010

The Pull Tabs

This Saturday marks something I haven't done in almost ten years: play a show with a band that has never played a show before. Kyle, Mike, and I have played quite a few shows with other bands, but together as the Pull Tabs, this will be the first one. And just the beginning, thankfully.

What started out as some friends jamming at a relatively quiet level in my bedroom morphed into a loud raging monster a few months ago. We lucked into an affordable rehearsal room two months ago, and despite being surrounded by all types of metal bands practicing as loud as us, we've retained the sound that we started with.

But what that sound is, well, it keeps morphing.

I've played in bands that writing material was always a challenge. Both bands rarely came up with material while jamming. We just practiced the same things over and over again. Hell, even one of those bands wrote a number of songs that sounded suspiciously like well-known songs by well-known bands, from the Stooges to ZZ Top.

Luckily, I've been very lucky to play with two guys who can improvise on the spot. Our material usually comes just from that.

And probably the best thing about this band is that I am encouraged to play how I play. I can play as loud as I want and don't have to worry about getting fired over it. I have my kit set-up just like I wanted it, and I play in the style that has always fit me.

I'm sure we will look back at this first show as a learning experience more than anything. You can practice all you, but things are up in the air once you step out of that zone and play for people. And I'm quite excited to take that next step.

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Richard of DM said...

I am totally psyched about your band, duder. Can't wait to hear some demos, yo.