Monday, April 05, 2010

WWWTK status

Here's a little update on book #2, still titled When We Were the Kids.

Writing comes in spurts. Some days I come up with a lot of material, other days I come up with very little. But I think about the book a lot and take lots of mental notes. When it comes down to sitting in front of my computer to iron everything out, that's when things can hit a wall. Sometimes the flow comes naturally. Other times it's like passing a kidney stone.

I credit being back into the swing of playing in a band with this recent upswing. Lots of stuff comes from practicing for hours and practicing in a warehouse filled with all kinds of metal bands. Paying a visit to Guitar Center once in a while also helps.

There's something fun and challenging about taking events that did not happen in my high school bands and setting in the mid-1990s. If it sounds plausible, chances are I'll go with it.

Something I considered doing with POST but never did was come up with a mix CD or two covering popular music from this era. I'm not talking just Pearl Jam, Pantera, and Nirvana; I'm also talking about Dig, Sponge, and Earth Crisis. A lot of stuff gets swept under the rug when memories are sold back as nostalgia. I'm trying to sweep as little as possible.

Aside from Diana and my friends Matt and Tim, no one else has seen any pages from the manuscript. I aim for a summertime date for a completed first draft, but beyond that is uncertain.

Stay tuned.

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