Camping out

Hearing about the lines outside the Apple stores in town last week, I also heard about those who chose to camp out days in advance to be the first in line for a new iPhone. Couple that with those who decided to camp out for Eclipse and I wondered if I would ever camp out for anything like a movie or an electronic gadget.

The answer is definitely no.

Sidewalks are not designed for people to live on. They're meant to walk on instead of walking on a street with cars. Plus, especially at this early part of summer, being outside in the heat for too long can be rather dangerous.

But there's a bigger reason why I wouldn't camp out for a movie or an iPhone: the movie is still the same movie the following day, weeks, months while the iPhone will probably have plenty of bugs to work out in the first few weeks. Is that really something worth giving up a part of your summer vacation to do?

Maybe I've just become too comfortable with my air conditioned life and just won't live a little. Well, I lived a lot while on vacation and almost none of that time was spent waiting in line for something that might or might not be any good. I don't have to be the first for anything and that's fine by me.

I've never been someone who wanted to have the first thing on the block. If it's something I really want to have, then sure, I'll want to get it eventually. Technological innovations are great, but more often than not, they take time to get the kinks out. Too often I hear about bugs in the system and usually the price significantly drops in a few months. In response, I hear groans from those who must have the latest and greatest until the next latest and greatest. I laugh a little inside.

Maybe I'm too busy these days or motivated to other things rather than essentially put my life on hold for something that I could have bragging rights for. Besides, how valuable are bragging rights? Not much to me.