Gold Box

With a lot of DVD fans slowly replacing their standard DVDs with Blu-ray discs, I really, really hope this is the last bastion of high definition discs. Bring on the 3D television sets so someday my children will get to watch movies like when Luke saw Leah for the first time in A New Hope.

All I ask is that the 1080p resolution not be topped. It's still stunning to look at. It's just not stunning to look at a DVD collection with multiple copies of the same freakin' movie.

Last week, Amazon had another one of their I'd-be-stupid-to-pass-up Gold Box deals: the entire Matrix collection on Blu-ray for only fifty dollars. That's right, the three proper films, along with the Animatrix shorts and all those documentaries from the standard edition box set (including the one Donna was interviewed for).

Even though I got a used copy of the standard DVD box set for cheap last year, I have to admit that the Matrix movies must be seen in Blu-ray. I want those greens, blacks, and whites to jump out of my TV, darn it! And it's sure nice to watch a DVD without fingerprints all over the bottom of the disc.

As much as I bitch about DVD/Blu-ray double-dips, I've never regretted getting a great movie on Blu-ray. The only reason why I keep my standard DVDs is just in case somebody wants to borrow a movie from me and doesn't have a Blu-ray player. That, and if a supplemental feature from the standard DVD is not on the Blu-ray edition.

Hoping for a stop with new DVD formats post-Blu-ray is probably a lost cause. I'll have to visit friends' houses who not only still have VHS tapes, but LaserDiscs as well as DVDs and Blu-rays, to truly understand the pattern. I say bring it on with a bit of grumble.