Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Reading surges

The reading surge is still going, thankfully. Last weekend, in a 24-hour span, I was able to read Stephen King's new novella, Blockade Billy. I'm still reading Gimme Something Better and it's been like an egg cracking on the side of a pan for me. I have gained a lot of inspiration from this book in terms of how I want to finish the first complete draft of When We Were the Kids. As I get through its near-500 pages, I'm charting the course with which Stephen King book to tackle next.

For the Constant Readers that have been reading King's work, you know there is a lot of overlap and references with many of his books. I did not know this until I bought a couple of his books last year. That's pretty much the primary reason why I now own all of his books, save for that book he co-wrote on the Boston Red Sox's championship season.

What's been a little daunting about the whole desire to read all of his work is knowing which should be read first. I decided to read a couple of stories from Skeleton Crew before jumping into The Stand. It was nice to see the last name of Carmody in both "The Mist" and The Stand. It was nice to see "the shine" mentioned in The Stand as well as The Shining. And it was nice to see the last name Faraday in "Morality" and The Stand.

Once again, these easter eggs are simply for the fun of paying attention. Since I want to tackle the seven-book epic, The Dark Tower, this year, I figured I should read 'Salem's Lot before that. Since a major character from that one has a major role in the later Tower books, I figured I should know the guy's backstory.

With a ton of other, non-King books to read on my shelves, all I can say is that reading is not just sleep aid for the time being.

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