190 pages

I kept to my word: I have a rough draft of When We Were the Kids.

This is not the final draft, but at least I have my bearings straight about where things are going. The current page length is 190 pages in Word, but that will definitely change. Whether or not there will be more or less remains to be seen in the next few months. Plus, page length in Word is almost double what the print length will be.

The big question mark is how will this be released. If I self-publish, it will probably come out next year. If I get a book deal, that will take longer. I'm trying not to be overly-pessimistic or overly-optimistic, but I'm a little too aware of how a book proposal can be sold a little better than a book that's almost done. I'm committed to the style and presentation of When We Were the Kids. Any suggestions about drastically changing that will meet with a lot of resistance from me.

Another big question mark is what I will do after this book is done. I had a really good idea that was squashed by several factors, but I have another idea of something to work on. It seems like my life has a lot of balance when I'm working on a long-term project. I want to keep that balance going.

Stay tuned.