Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When dog and cat unite

A few weeks ago, I hoped that my dog and Diana's cat could be civil under the same roof. I'm happy to say that we tried brought them together and they get along incredibly well.

Prior to adopting Mimo, the Siamese cat was a stray that kept hanging out around our place. Diana decided to take him in, give him food, and eventually took him to the SPCA for updated shots and exams. Looks like he's going to stay, and I'm quite happy he's stuck around. The only question was if he could get along with my dog Victory.

By a drunken chance encounter, a party guest decided to bring Mimo indoors a few weeks before Diana took Mimo in. According to Diana, Mimo got along with Victory, as Victory didn't bark or attack Mimo. Flash-forward a few months later, while we're in between batches of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, we brought Mimo over.

Thankfully, there was no barking or intent to maul by Victory. It was more or less Mimo strutting in and scoping the place out while Victory closely followed. Now that they've spent more time under the same roof, they're buddies who want to see each other often. I'm relieved such is the case.

Back when I lived with Jason, his dog Juliet would freak out and try to get rough with cats hanging around the neighborhood. Whenever I visit Jason these days, Juliet is hanging out with two cats and living the slow life.

I don't know why I was afraid a dog and cat could not live together. Maybe there's something about how animals act outside rather than inside. Whatever it is, I'm thankful both cat and dog can live in peace, most of the time.

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