Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Book #3

I have an idea for my next book. Amazing how last week I wrote that I don't have a book project lined up after When We Were the Kids. Inspiration strikes when it does, no matter how silly the idea might sound at first.

About a month ago, while talking with my editor at the Observer, he jokingly suggested a book idea that sounded really silly. I threw in something more silly to the pitch and we had a good laugh. Fast-forward to last Friday night, while standing with Diana in the check-out lane of a Barnes & Noble, I thought this previously-silly book idea could actually turn into something. Something, I don't know what, and something don't want to divulge its topic just yet.

Since I'm a part of a writing-for-fun group with my old housemate Jason and some other friends of ours, there's a desire to bring something new for each monthly meet-up. I have an opening scene in mind to write for Book #3, so I thought that will be my writing piece for the next meet-up.

As much as I claim to write a lot, I'm not actually that prolific. My focus is always super-intense when I'm working on something I want to finish. Things get left on the sidelines. Having this writer's group is a wonderful way for me to stay on track.

In regards to When We Were the Kids, I'm taking a break on it for the rest of the month. I'm waiting to hear back from my agent if it's something that could be sold to a publisher. Either way, that's my main focus, but it's nice to know what I can look forward to once that book is ready to come out.

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