Monday, September 20, 2010

Carry On

I braved the elements and saw KISS over the weekend. Here's my review.

I knew that KISS would be spectacular, but something that really surprised me was how great Pat Green was too.

Yes, Pat Green.

You can read in the review why I was impressed, but I think it's important out something else that I didn't bring up. Whenever I've mentioned the guy's name around people, people (who are not fans of him, country music, or frat/sorority life) groan. Seems like part of rush week in college involves a conversion to Green's music. So any connection to that world when you detest Greek life deserves damnation.

Well, damn me for liking Pat Green. I've felt this feeling before with Journey. Once detested as a flag-waver of corporate rock, any self-respecting musician should never profess an admiration beyond guilty pleasure. Since I still stick behind the notion that there should not be any guilt in pleasure, I remain a Journey fan.

Green seems like he avoids the pandering that most pop country music does. You know, the flag-waving, Coors-Light-drinking, good ol' kind of stuff that is ripe for parody, especially when it tries to be serious or heartfelt.

All I'm really going off of was a great set by the oddball on a rock bill. The guy followed Drowning Pool for crying out loud. But what does that say about the caliber of Green? Plenty to me.

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