Breaking Bad

Technological failures can lead to great surprises.

As I watched the credits roll for the last episode of The Walking Dead, a promo teased a weekly marathon of Breaking Bad. Every Wednesday, two episodes from the show's three-season run would be aired, in order. This would have been perfect for me, since I've never seen the show and have heard only positive things about it. Praise has come from from a slightly-drunk friend at a summer barbeque to my friends Donna and Noel (who have covered the show for the A.V. Club), so curiosity has been knocking at my door for a while.

I set my DVR last week and plopped myself on the couch on Thursday, all ready to watch. Alas, I look through my DVR menu and there are plenty of episodes of The Walking Dead, The Office, 30 Rock, Community, and Mad Men, but no Breaking Bad. I checked again and again. Still nothing. I distinctly remember confirming the taping. Something must have happened, so I blame technical error.

Luck would have it where the first two seasons are available on Blu-ray from Netflix. I quickly put the first disc of Season 1 at the top of my list and I received it on Monday. As I watched the pilot episode yesterday afternoon, I was very thankful.

I understand those who like Mad Men who don't have an interest in Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead. Tone-wise, there is a lot of distance, especially with the violence. I like all three shows because they are not the exact same. When I was surprised to see with what they could get away with on The Walking Dead, I was happy that Breaking Bad got away with plenty as well.

Watching the pilot, "Breaking Bad," in high definition was perfect, and there was no blurring out the brief nudity or beeping out the f-bombs. In other words, the Blu-ray edition is the best way to view the show. I wanted to see the show in the best possible way, and I'm thankful.

And all that because of an "accident."