Dog park

Something I've wanted to do for months was take Victory back to a dog park. While there is a fancy, large, indoor/outdoor place about fifteen minutes away via a car ride, I prefer the smaller outdoor one about eight blocks away from home. Yesterday was a perfect day to go (and introduce Diana to the place as well), so we went.

For as long as I've owned Victory, I've wanted her to have a place where she can roam around without a leash on. She's still a fast little one at six years old, so I've been hesitant to let her run around with other dogs surrounded by a small fence. I threw all caution away yesterday and let her roam. The thing was, she was incredibly obedient like she went to dog training school or something.

Many other owners brought their dogs out, but there was still plenty of room to run around. All the dogs wanted to do was sniff Victory's butt and move along. She wanted to do the same. Gotta love dog handshakes.

Victory stayed close to me the entire time and she quickly came back if she went a little too far from the proverbial reservation. Again, who was this dog? Maybe since there were no cats around, she played nice.

This park in particular features a track for dogs and their owners to run on. Since I've grown tired of running three miles a day, three-to-four days a week in oncoming traffic, I'll take running around in circles. Less stopping, more exercise.

Day one of productive holidays went well. Now what to do when it's gray and ugly outside. That's today's dilemma.