I hate the term, "staycation." Yes, you have the week off from work but you don't go anywhere. Hopefully that means you take your mind off of the things you think about during the other 51 weeks of the year.

Myself, I have the whole week off and have no plans to leave town. I went to Houston for Christmas, but now I'm back. Diana has to work, as does Matt. Instead of making definite plans for the week, I'm merely taking things hour by hour.

A goal I have in mind for this week is to do another pass on When We Were the Kids. I've found my time to devote to writing and editing is much looser since I have 40 extra hours freed up this week. Some of that time will be devoted to sleep. Others will be to anything else I want to do, like watch movies and read books. (I know I normally do that during the week, but I don't have to schedule anything this week.)

The key for me is to be productive. I've had a very long year with certain things in my life, but also incredibly rewarding in other aspects of my life. I can't waste a day doing nothing. I have to do something, and it doesn't mean spending most of my day tinkering with a book I've spent four years tinkering with. Remember, writing doesn't sustain life -- it's the other way around.