Thursday, December 02, 2010

Rock Action

After not listening to them since college, I'm happy to let Mogwai back into my life.

There was never a point where I didn't like the Scottish five-piece -- I've merely spent a lot of time in the interim years listening to bands that were influenced by them. Whether it was Explosions in the Sky or This Will Destroy You, I somehow decided to not rope back around to the elder statesmen. Now that Ryan, Diana, and I have something cooking music-wise that's in the vein of moving post-rock, bring on the Happy Songs for Happy People and so on.

I wouldn't say I burned out on hearing Rock Action or Come On Die Young. Given the choice of listening to Sigur Ros at any of time of day over Mogwai at night (a time perfect to listen to them), I went for the stuff that I didn't have to be in a particular mood for. I still find Mogwai's music to particular sort of mood, yet I find myself in more of a mood for their stuff as of late.

The band is coming to town in May. A new record drops before then and I hope to see them. If I could be blown away by the mostly-instrumental Godspeed You Black Emperor live, I'm quite sure I'll dig these guys as well.

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