Greatest Hits-itis

I think I have a case of greatest hits-itis. What in the hell is that? Basically, it's when you listen to a greatest hits compilation so much that it spoils the enjoyment of listening to a band's proper albums.

Recently I put Journey's "Only the Young" on a compilation CD. Since I've spent years listening to Journey's first greatest hits compilation, I am used to hearing "Don't Stop Believin'" after "Only the Young." Despite the fact that I made this compilation, I still expect to hear "Don't Stop Believin'" once "Only the Young" fades. You know, small town girl living in a lonely world meeting up with a guy who's from a part of Detroit that doesn't exist? Alas, it's a Torche song from Songs for Singles.

A similar situation arose when I recently heard the Raspberries' first two records, self-titled and Fresh. Like Journey, I've spent years listening to a compilation Cherry Red made. When I hear "Go All the Way," I hope to hear "Let's Pretend." That's certainly is not the case with listening to the albums.

I wouldn't say this is a problem per se; it's more of growing pains with digging deeper into a band's catalog. Giving the Raspberries self-titled album a few spins, I have yet to completely jump on board with the other album tracks, but I'll be damned, "I Can Remember" is absolutely incredible.

To me, it's worth digging deeper into the LP cuts to find the gems. Sure there will be plenty of so-so tracks, but that's a small hurdle. Still though, sometimes a greatest hits compilation is the best way to go.