Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Lorraine, like the quiche?

My friend and former housemate Jason held another Baconfest at his house over the weekend. Requiring a dish with bacon in it, there were prizes and trophies awarded to the favorites. I've never won, but that doesn't deter me from making something new every year.

When I cook for myself, I make the stuff I love until I grow tired of it. Still sticking to a high fiber diet, it's tortellini, soup and bagel, and hot hummus wraps every single week. When thinking about baking something for a lot of people, I consider many options. I like the challenge of making something I've never made before.

I don't necessarily know what prompted me to make quiche, but I heard it was pretty simple to make. The chance of total disaster was small, so I went for it and found a very helpful recipe. Keeping true to the recipe, the only thing I added was a little goat cheese.

I received some very nice compliments from fellow guests. I tasted most of the other dishes, and I liked everything. Sure was more bacon than I normally eat in a given evening, but it was worth it.

Being around good friends and food, things can't go wrong. I'm thankful that I made something edible. And it's something I wouldn't object to making again.

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