My first . . .

This week's edition is with Menkena, a local dream pop five-piece. You might have noticed that my interviews have become much more conversational lately. Well, that's a result of knowing the people I interview, and that's bound to happen.

Credit goes to all the years I spent reading The Big Takeover and The A.V. Club. Read almost any interview in them and you're hard-pressed to find one that isn't conversational. Naysayers may say to keep yourself out of the Q&A, but if helps break more ice in the conversation, then it's a good thing.

Next week's band is another five-piece and a very lively conversation. Only thing is, prior to the interview, I'd only talked to the singer a couple of times and the bassist once. Sure helped that they were all nice guys before the interview, during, and after. I hope that comes across in the final edit.