Start the Machine

Production shall begin on When We Were the Kids any day now. For the time being, I've done a mental inventory of the past five years getting to this point.

When I came up with the idea for the book, I was almost finished with Post. Since I wanted to concentrate on finishing my first book before getting to my second, I kept a black spiral notebook with story ideas. I jotted down things while keeping my head in finishing that difficult Dischord Records chapter.

The thing is, out of 200 pages in this notebook, only four pages were used. Not to sound pompous, but I filtered out a lot of ideas before they hit the page. When I started writing the book, I did more filtering and stopped writing things down in the notebook. If an idea stuck with me in my head for a few days, then it should be written in the book.

I'm not one of those writers who must write double the amount of material to get to a concise book. I can't write 50 pages in two days. I can't write 800 pages to get to 400 usable pages. That's just not in me. Since I spent a long time writing stuff that I cringed looking at afterwards (my high school and college years), there's definitely something to be said when I don't cringe. I'm glad I was let out of writer's block hell for a while.

A lot of good things came out of writing my first book. I hope the same happens with the second book. Once I have a release date and order info, this will be the place to hear about it.