Tuesday, August 14, 2012

120 bpm

I haven't played drums in front of people since last fall, but I've been playing in some sort of capacity almost every day. It's not just because I can't stop tapping along to music; I have a drive to be a better player. Yes, even after playing for nearly 18 years.

Back when I started playing, I tried playing along to records. Without any padding on my kit. So when I'd hit a cymbal, everything would get washed out. I didn't try drumming along to a record until last year. I don't know why it took me so long to realize that I could play along to records as long as there were sound-deadening pads on my kit. But that's how it's rolling these days.

Also helping things: playing along to a metronome. Playing by myself without a metronome can get boring very quickly. Working on my timing with the metronome on, things don't get boring. Since I tend to rush whenever I do a complicated fill or build-up, I hope to curb that with the electronic beep-bop-bop-bop-beep. (I wouldn't be surprised if I fell asleep with that sound in my head in the near future.)

I'm not so sure if or when I'll play with a band again. My hope is, if I can be a better player while I'm not playing with anybody, it would most certainly help out a band that appreciates that sentiment.

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