Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Have it your way

I've decided to revamp my Pandora listening experience. After twelve months away from the site, I want make some better stations with plenty of variety. I need good music to work to, and stuff that will not make me long for a big bed and pillow. And I don't want music that makes me want to bounce off walls.

Since stations devoted to Converge, Nada Surf, and Strung Out will make long for driving 100 miles while sitting at a desk, I'm opting for Carly Simon, Walter Jackson, and Explosions in the Sky. Consider this going soft, but I look at it as making sensible choices with music.

The difficulty that I have involves the degree of familiarity and unfamiliarity. How many times do I want to hear a song over and over again? How often do I want to take a gamble on something I've never heard before? Good questions to consider since I don't like burn out.

My hope is that I can enjoy hearing music I don't have or have never heard before. And I let someone else do the picking, because it's hard to play DJ when you're trying to work at the same time.

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