I have a healthy addiction to watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Yes, that show on Food Network with Guy Fieri where he drives all across the country for one-off havens. If it's on and I'm not watching VH1 Classic, then I watch.

Even though every episode follows the same format (imagine the drinking game involving fist-bumps and the words "texture," "melt in your mouth," and "amazing"), no place is the same from the others. And it's a nice reminder about why one should celebrate your local places.

While it's nice that Applebee's is available anywhere with cheap beer, going to a place like Angry Dog or Twisted Root is much more satisfying experience. The places are locally owned and their menus are not created for the lowest common denominator.

Of course, given how the show is on Food Network, it makes me want to eat. And also seek out local places that I haven't tried before. In the past few weeks, Jenny and I have hit up Fuzzy's Tacos, Lovers Pizza, and BB Bop Rice Bowls. All great places with reasonable prices and close to home.

As much as I disdain a lot of reality TV (especially the "competition" shows), Triple-D is highly watchable and entertaining. Now to think about where we'll eat next.