Monday, August 13, 2012

It's Happening Again

I must admit there was a sinking feeling when many of the bands I featured in Post reunited. Not that reunions are bad in general; it was just a little tough to stomach writing about bands being finished and then they reunite. I considered writing a new afterword, but that did not come to fruition. And while a number of bands that reunited have proceeded to do more shows and record new material (ie, Braid, Hot Water Music), some of the bands went dormant again.

I wasn't really surprised when Sunny Day Real Estate ceased touring and recording again. (Take a wild guess as to why, if you know their story.) The members of the Get Up Kids are doing other things in their lives, and who knows how long At the Drive-In will keep doing shows before people get tired of them playing the same set again and again.

Even though Texas is the Reason doesn't get a lot of coverage beyond a few paragraphs in the Jawbox chapter (read much more about them in Brian Peterson's Burning Fight book), I can't stress enough how great that band was and continues to have a great legacy. So, it's not surprise how much I enjoyed this 7-minute film on their 2012 reunion, which came online today. Speaking very frankly about the differences between their 2006 reunion and this one, things come across to me as sincere and genuine. Texas's Do You Know Who You Are? is still an incredible album. Definitely something I can listen to without having to be in a funk.

Again I'm faced with trying to write a final word about bands. There was a reason why I put 1985-2008 in the title, hoping that anything could happen after 2008. I certainly didn't think Sunny Day or At the Drive-In would ever consider playing again. And I certainly thought Braid was done. And who knew if Hot Water Music would do much more down the line. Still, it's nice to see these bands reunite. Given how these guys approach things in life, it's pretty obvious that it's not a cash-grab. It's purely from the heart.


Richard of DM said...

Well you'll just have to do an updated edition one day.

Richard of DM said...

Let's get Edsel to reunite.