Monday, May 09, 2005

I am extraordinary

Until Liz Phair released her second album, Whip-Smart, I had never heard of her. That's right: I never heard a song from Exile in Guyville and I still haven't heard a song from the much-lauded debut album. So maybe that's why I have no problem with her song, "Extraordinary," from her fourth, self-titled release.

Long-time fans have deemed Liz Phair a sell-out with Liz Phair, but you know what? I don't care. I have only heard "Extraordinary" from the album and I like it. A lot. Sure, the song reeks of the kind of studio trickery that is perfect for the Top 40 crowd but sickening for the indie rock crowd. Yet, the warm melodies are there and they sound good no matter how over-the-top the production is.

I find it odd that in a day and age of a lot of Top 40 hits have more cold, hard beats than warm melodies, "Extraordinary" was a Top 40 hit. Maybe the exposure of the song with Phair's sexy looks and poses helped out. Regardless, I like "Extraordinary."

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