Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What's in a (band) name?

Thanks to largeheartedboy for the link to this game. I always wonder where bands get their name from, but I've found their stories are rather anti-climactic. We're raised on the myths and "big fish" stories about bands, we think these bands are from another world. Well, all bands are made of humans made from planet Earth (even though ? of ? and the Mysterions claims he's from Mars).

Oftentimes, the name comes from a movie, a poem, a book, a joke or from a list of potential names. In the case of my book, I wish to shed some light on band names. To answer the frequently asked, "Where did you get your name?" question, I sought to clear up these stories as best as possible. Probably the funniest/interesting ones are for At the Drive-In and the Get Up Kids. In the case of At the Drive-In, guitarist/vocalist Jim Ward suggested the name after a line in Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me." With the Get Up Kids, vocalist/guitarist Matt Pryor's previous band, Secular Theme, had a song called "Suburban Get Up Kids." Pryor joked he had bad luck with being in bands with "S" in the name, so "suburban" was dropped.

Anti-climactic for sure, but the story behind the name is always interesting . . . to a certain degree.

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