Monday, May 23, 2005

Sith Redux

I know I said "Let's move on" with Star Wars, but I can't stop thinking about Star Wars. Maybe I meant that we should (or maybe just me) stop being so combative about loving something. The following paragraph from Kevin Smith's recent Rolling Stone article and it just blows me away by how right-on it is.

"This new Vader cycle has split the one-time Old Republic that was Star Wars fandom into two warring factions: the Rebellion, and the normal people with a sense of perspective who don't need a term from the Star Wars lexicon to define them. The Rebellion is populated by the joyless, cynical ubertrolls who, sadly, take up the most space on the Internet. These are the hollow men and women who marched into the prequels demanding that Lucas recapture their lost Star Wars youth for them - that simple time in their lives when they had the excuse of prepubescence to explain why they were still virgins. With that much investment in make-believe, it's little wonder they emerged as more twisted by the dark side than young Skywalker himself."

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