Friday, May 20, 2005

They went with someone who had more . . .

I figure now would be a good time to explain the title of this blog. In all truth, it comes from a line in this movie. Here's the scene: Rob mentions that he didn't get a job at Disneyland playing Goofy because "they went with someone who had more theme park experience."

While funny in the context of the scene, the line is also frustrating and a little sad. I think we've all been turned down for things (jobs, dates, bands, etc.) and have received rather lame excuses for why we didn't get them. In the case of the phrase, 'theme park experience,' that sounds like a dressed-up way of saying, "We don't want to train somebody new to this field." Such a comforting phrase to people that want to make some money in a field they want to be in.

Stretching a bit and reading into the meaning of the phrase, 'theme park experience' doubles with my fascination with theme parks. I like going to theme parks, like DisneyWorld/Disneyland and Six Flags, but I have a fear of riding rollercoasters. I enjoy looking at a rollercoaster but I can't work up the gusto to ride one.

Yes, I like to look at, but not experience, a lot of things. This is something that says a lot about my view of life. Please do not take that as a thinly-veiled indictment of superficiality. I feel that there are things in this world that are better to look at than rather to deal with first-hand. Call this an indictment of denial and massive anxiety.

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