Friday, August 19, 2005

Be Good to Yourself

For the last few weeks, I've perused thanks to this post. The one feature I keep coming back to is the one that has new interviews with the members of Journey. While I'm in no rush to pick up Journey's new record, Generations, it's cool to read interviews where the band members are taken seriously. Yes, I'm very well aware that I'm talking about Journey, the prototype for corporate rock in the 1970s/1980s, but as I've said before, I still love this band's music.

Even though I often rock out to their Greatest Hits and their last studio album, Arrival, I don't know too much about the band's history (other than what their Behind the Music showed). I did not know that the bassist on the Raised on Radio tour was Randy Jackson of American Idol fame. Yes, the guy who says "Dawg" was in Journey. What else I don't know about this band, I'm sure I'll find out in some tell-all biography some day.

Reading reminds me of my days as a music fan obsessed with technical virtuousity. I'm not bashing those days and I'm not bashing those that like that kind of stuff, but I just find a lot of other kinds of rock (underground, over-ground and unavoidable) a little more relatable. I never had the patience to learn guitar solos; I was (and still am) a power chord and funky chord guitarist with no liquid fingers. Yes, there were years in high school when I fancied crazy drum solos but as I brought up yesterday, drum solos are not the best if you want to compliment the song. I gotta respect the people that respect that though.

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